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you find many of these in calcicole(gypsicole) medium, but some others rather acidic, with or without soil.

I use these substrate
- for the subtropicale US : peat + river sand 30/70
- for the temperate following their substrate 'in situ' : just peat or my limestone substrate [ cat litter 50% with some times akadama + river sand 12.5% + vermiculite(perlite) 12.5% + pouzzolane ( volcanic stone)12.5% + limestone sand 12.5%]
- for mexican( caribbean) following their substrate 'in situ' : peat + river sand 30/70 - gypsum + river sand 30/70 and most of the time my limestone substrate .
- sometimes for rare specie just sphagnum.

we can use also the hydroponic method or for some utilisation more specific just rock wool or glass ,but long-term tests have yet to be done

we can see others infos on my little forum , in stand by actually, http://pinguicula.free.fr/ it is in french but with GOOGLE you can translate

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