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Great plants and photos as allways Willy. Your P. 'Weser' x cyclosecta is an interesting cross. Well done.

I have a 'fake' P. "Weser' which is in flower at the moment but all my P. cyclosecta are a sleep and wil not flower until around November here in NZ. KP.


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Thank you! I have placed some of the seeds in TC, hoping that they will grow. The rest are placed on peat mix, hoping to see germination soon!


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very nice ping

for me peat is not a good substrat for a lot of pinguicula , most of them are from limestone soil ( temperate, mexican, caribbean)

see their 'in situ' conditions



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Hi Jeff.
Many years ago I saw in your forum a mix for Mexican that don't use peat.
It was cat litter for the main part...
I still have a picture:

So I would say:
  • cat litter
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Lava stone
Maybe some aquarium sand...
But I don't know the recipe.