What's your favourite sarr today?


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Looks like

Here's mine
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My gh sees to stop some colours from shining and over does others?
I read somewhere…wish I could remember where…that there were two common types of Sarracenia x farnhamii, aka Sarracenia x readii. One more common on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. One of them is far redder than the other. If I can track down the info, I’ll post the source for anyone who’s curious or wants to discuss it.


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This might be my favourite Sarracenia of all time not just today.

These newly opened pitchers of this Sarracenia alata var. nigropurprea “Black Tube” will get much darker with age and will be soon be joined by other pitchers as this clone puts out manny pitchers in tight clumps per rhizome section.


My favourite right now is this S. purpurea. Just wanna share the progress it's made since I picked it up. There are wild ones a couple hundred meters from here out in Mer Bleue bog so I guess it's not surprising that it's loving the summer heat, humidity and bug swarms.

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Yours behaves so much better than mine, mines not married to being upright lol