Utricularia calycifida


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Utricularia calycifida is endemic to northern South America. It’s one of my favourite Utricularia to grow, not only is it easy to grow it’s one of the few Utricularia with colourful photosynthetic parts. It’s flowers also can vary in colour and size depending it’s range and which clone you get.

Temperature - 18-25 degrees C
Growing media - perlite 50% dried sphagnum 50%
Growing space - small no special requirements
Lighting - 14 hours low light
Watering - consistently just moist
Humidity - 40-60%
Propagation - easiest by plant devisions or seed
Special requirements - none

Utricularia calycifida 'Gran sabana'




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Mine is a weed.
Easy to grow for sure but I don’t find Utricularia calycifida to be a pest in my conditions. However Utricularia longifolia is a rampant insidious invader of other pots.

If you wish to eradicate a Utricularia infestation for good thats inseparably entwined with other plants, say Drosera. You could pick it apart, trying to wash and separate your other plants from the Utricularia hoping it doesn’t recolonize from a tiny missed piece. Or I have found putting the entire pot in the fridge for a day or two will cure your problems. Utricularia will not tolerate 3 degree weather and a lot of other carnivorous plants can briefly.


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Have this glass vase,any recommendation for what to plant inside,thanks.
Hi @Olivera

I've been trying various glass containers. Most of my experiments have died except this one. It has U calycifida, D "Werewolf" and a little gemmea. It also has springtails - that may be why it has lasted (planted sept, 2020). Try to ignore the slimy media - will have to deal with that soon ;)

I'll be curious to know what you decide to plant in it - I like the bands.