The Temporary CPSC Seed Bank


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Willy, Im willing to take on our seed bank and responsibilities until you are ready to take the reins again. In a reduced capacity.. meaning I'm incapable of doing spread sheets and being as organized as Willy.

What I can do is keep track of what seeds are available and accumulated credits here. Seeds listed will have a number after, that number is the number of packets available. If that number is zero there is none currently available but coming soon. Price will be 5$ by ETransfer to cover included postage, envelope expenses and storage. See here how to use the seed bank.

We do our best to guarantee the accuracy of the seeds but there’s no guarantees. Please label donated seed as accurately as possible.

Carnivorous Seed packs 5$ or one credit
Dionaea muscipula 7
Dionaea muscipula ‘giant’ 2 (coconut)
Drosera capensis ‘Alba’ 8
Drosera binata OP (most likely a hybrid binata var. dichotoma x dichotoma ‘T form’ ) 4
Drosera capensis 2
Drosera capensis ‘red’ 4
Drosera capensis ‘Wide leaf’ 8
Drosera filiformis 2 (horticulturally produced)
Drosera nidiformis 1
Drosera omissa 0
Drosera rotundifolia 4 (horticulturally produced)

Drosera spatulata ‘Gold Coast’ 2
Drosera spatulata ‘Tamlin’ 4
Drosera spatulata ‘Giant’ 3
Drosera Sub tropical seed mix 0
Drosera snyderi 0 (coconut)
Drosera tokaiensis 3
Drosera paradoxa ‘Type form’ 2
Drosera venusta 3

Non carnivorous seed 3$ or .5 of a credit
biophytum sensitivum (touch sensitive) 5 seeds 2
Lettuce ‘soft leafy green’ 50 seeds
Lettuce ‘Red leaf Romaine’ 50 seeds
Thai basil 20 seeds
Tomato ‘Hanna’s dwarf’ 25 seeds
Tomato ‘Beefsteak’ 25 seeds
Tomato ‘Medusa’ 25 seeds
Tomato ‘Old German’ 25 seeds
Tomato ‘Mellow Yellow’ 25 seeds
Chives pack of 50 seed
Arugula pack of 50 seed
Scarlet runner bean 15 seeds

Donation credits


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It’s yours! :)

Pygmy seed can be difficult to start. That Drosera omissa seed is from my own plant. I sowed some emptyish seed pods after I shook them out on 50% peat 50% sand with a sand top dressing. It took a while, about 4 months but I have some clumps of seedlings now!
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What was the temperature (C) during the sowing period, tropical or highland ?


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18-25 degrees sub tropical :)



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18-25 degrees sub tropical :)

Thank Steve