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Hi everyone,

I'm slowly acquiring the different supplies I need, starting with macro and microelements I've been able to find near me or that I had already to make my own mediums (MS, Knudson, etc). I just lack a few things like vitamins and some additives mentioned in Joseph Arditti's ''Micropropagation of Orchids'' for some recipes. i also got my hands on ''Plants from test tubes''. Both books are amazing, but even the second one is shooting a bit over my head in terms of the scale of the operations they are talking about. Since I want to start out (I did a bit of TC in uni but never at home), I will need a few things for sure but don't have thousands of dollars to put on this, at least for now.

I'm wondering about which lab supplies are truly needed. Should I get a heating magnetic stirrer for example? Would it be worth it to heat an erlenmeyer and keep stirring the solution in between pouring many PP pots? For now I'll be using a glovebox to get through my first trials, and then will invest in the construction of a proper flow hood next year probably. I'm also considering investing in a 3 digits weighing balance, since I only have for now a portable +/- 0.01g max 100g digital scale (not precise enough I assume). A pH meter is on my mind as well, but a decent one would cost around 250-300$ at least from what I've been reading, so will probably start with pH strips.

At least one 2L erlenmeyer and a 1L graduated cylinder seems to be in order for sure, but while preparing solutions do you guys use a calibrated flask of 500ml or 1000ml ''to contain'' the proper volumetric reading?

Scalpels, tweezers, nitrile or latex gloves and some PP tubes for successive rinsing/soaking in sterile water or sterilizing solutions are on the list as well. PPM will be ordered as well, too convenient not to, but is a surfactant like Tween-20 necessary?

Sorry if I am listing things all over the place, this is the state of my mind right now lol

I guess my question is, in terms of labware, equipment and some chemicals, what are the main things I should invest in to start out with in vitro germination of CP seeds and working with orchid tissues?

thanks for any pointers :)

Lloyd Gordon

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As far as equipment goes, you can do without almost everything, except at least a glovebox. PPM may or may not be necessary with a glovebox. Tween-20 is cheap and useful and lasts forever.
Vitamins are optional. AliExpress is great for equipment (cheap stuff, like forceps and beakers). I have some flasks and beakers but cheap kitchen stuff works. A cheap glass sterilizer is nice (nail salon models).


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From my limited experience, the most important thing I'd get first is the laminar flow hood. I'd say forget about glovebox and flipped over fishtank because a half decent LFH is much more effective than those, it's better to invest a little money or efforts, than to deal with cultures infected with much higher rates.
There's a lot of information out there for doing TC at home. Make sure you do enough research before buying a tons of things you might not ever needed. Doing your own homework is part of the process, don't expect someone to be able to always give you a clear answer (because there isn't one when you get more involved...).
A good book to read is the "plants in test tube", available on Amazon and other stores. It doesn't have a section for carnivorous plants but it has very good details on general plant TC. Very helpful.
Good luck and have fun!

Lloyd Gordon

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I agree, if you plan on doing this for more than a few months, build a LFH. Willy has posted his and mine is posted on my website. I think you can build a very usable one for maybe $250 or less depending on how much work you do and how fancy you want to be.