Strange snapdragons


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That's neat. There's something wrong with one of the pathways responsible for bilateral symmetry, which causes the flowers to revert to radial symmetry in this mutant. A CYC/DICH double mutant maybe, or something else going on with the genes/hormones that regulate CYC/DICH.





In general, snapdragons don't produce seeds that are true to the parent type. Many store-bought varieties are hybrids, so collected seeds will revert to parent plant traits. Also, they cross pollinate really easily and can inherit traits from both parent plants, blend them, or just inherit traits from one, so saved seeds from any one plant could produce a dozen variations or more. The only way to preserve a particular colour you really like is to propagate from cuttings :)


Carnivorous Plant Addict
I figured that there was definitely cross-pollination going on. I grew them all from seed that I had bought last year so I was really just curious to see what would happen as far as the flowers went. And honestly almost all of them are true to the plants that I had last year as far as colors go.