Springtails *Adult Content, May contain Mating Rituals*


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Hello everyone!
Great news if you like springtails. I helped Ryne (owner of Springtail US) to solve the mystery ID of the commonly distributed orange springtail species. These springtails are proliferated throughout the worldwide hobby under three names: “Bilobella braunerae” “Bilobella aurantiaca” and “Protanura sp”. Ryne has been wanting to correctly identify them since years ago. Frans (http://collembola.org/) has been very helpful and they were getting very close, but they needed one final element to confirm the ID, the eyes.

Yuukianura aphoruroides has 2+1 eyes on each side.

Yuukianura aphoruroides is originally from SE Asia but later introduced in Europe and North America.

Email reply from Frans

With the two images I provided, Frans was able to confirm the ID!

The orange springtails widely established throughout the worldwide hobby are most highly likely the Southeastern Asian species Yuukianura aphoruroides. So take note, and don't call them the wrong species name anymore!

Yes, you may still refer them as mini carrot sticks or cheetos springtails, haha!
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