Shipping via Purolator (eShipper)


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I tried a new service called eShipper.
It's like the version of shipping.
You put your shipping info in, and they give you a list of rates for all the carriers.
I just did a shipment to BC from Sask and would have been $37 on Xpresspost.
Through eShipper it was $25 with next day delivery!
The box was a decent size due to the Isopods @ 9"x6"x5.5" but just 1lb
You can even have Purolator come to your house and pick the package up!
I just took it to work and will put with our regular daily pickup, but you can also drop off at any Puro outlet (Staples usually does Puro)

They have a sales team, and my assigned sales member tried to call me to "discuss" my business and how many packages I'd ship, but I just ignored the calls.
They gave up after 2 day, and emailed me instead to "check in"
I didn't reply, and it's been all quiet since.



Does it only offer Purolator? I usually use ShipTime which is a similar service.
They're able to offer cheaper prices because couriers usually give companies with large shipping volume a significant discount. These companies have a large shipping volume because they act as a broker between many individuals/small companies. They take a small cut of the discount and pass the rest of the savings onto us.
ShipTime offers Purolator, UPS, CanadaPost, Fedex, and a few others. I'd be interested in which offers a better price.
ShipTime puts all of the options available onto a single page making it easy to compare.



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I only see Purolator, UPS and Canpar.

Going to Ontario (Ottawa)

6x6x6 box @ 1LB


And here is the reverse.
Cheaper to come my way!



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Ok, I tried ShipTime for the exact same shipment (I didn't list Canada post since it's not an option for eShipper)
Looks to be more expensive.

(Going from me to Ottawa)


Coming from Ottawa to me