Sarrs wanted


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Have everything else but missing these 2 flava's and 1 rubra rubra and looking for a very very near future reference. :D

S. flava var. ornata from Brunswick or Green Swamp NC.

S. flava var. cuprea from Brunswick or Green Swamp NC.

S. rubra rubra from Brunswick or Green Swamp NC.

Anyone know where I can get these plants or seeds :) ?

I am trying to start a hybridization program in hybridizing all the Brunswick/Green Swamp forms from the Carolina's with Hardy Canadian Purps and spread them around so people can possibly enjoy them outside year round in colder climates. <3
Just trying to get things started is a little difficult as it will be a few years before any results happen. I am looking forward to the future! I am really excited to hybridize a S.purpurea purpurea with S. purpurea ssp. venosa from Green Swamp. Might have Carolina characteristics of venosa but be a cold hardy form.
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