Sarracenia minor


Im very interested.

Im not a Sarracenia expert; it is possible to grow that genus outside in a very windy area?


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They clump rather well and are not as tall as some sarracenia species? I'm not sure what really windy equals but you can experiment.


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Hey Maiden,

I grow the S. minor you sent me a few years ago outside. I lost a few. They really start slowly in comparison with my other sarr and usually don't have the time to bloom. I'm not even sure they sent big pitchers this year. I'll have to check. The temperature is really bad in Quebec City this Summer. Your buddy could have a hard time growing them.


Sorry for the late reply !! I need the typical one :) How much for 20 seeds ?

Hey Shog ;) Content de te voir :) They will do better next season. They go dormant and stay outdoor until next spring?

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Okefenokee Swamp Park (Waycross, Georgia),has been on my bucket list for decades. Last Friday I spent several hours in the interior of the park. I was thrilled when our guide pointed out "Trumpet (Hooded) Pitcher Plants" in the wild. Unfortunately, I only had a cheap cell for US travel with me at the time so the the pic quality is the not the best. After that I was hoping I could find some Sarracenia minor seeds here but haven't had any luck.

There was a baby alligator (about 1 1/2 yrs old, 20" long) near by.

IMG_7298 (2).JPG

IMG_7292 (2).JPG

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