[Processing] Premium Exotics TW (Closes June 15)


I've been wanting to order from him for a while and finally had a chance to work out all the details. I'll leave orders open for a month to give everyone a chance to get their orders in. Price list is below; you can find pictures of most of the plants on his Instagram (@premium.exotics.tw). Some pictures attached as well. I will be placing a single order in a month. These are the plants that he has available for wholesale order so none should sell out.

Please note: Prices listed are USD!
Nepenthes (truncata x veitchii-HL) x boschiana US$15

Nepenthes truncata (PE,2019) US$20

Nepenthes [(lowii x boschiana) x veitchii K EP] x (mollis x veitchii) US$20

Nepenthes veitchii(K) x (CandyStripe x Candy) US$40

Nepenthes [(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x veitchii 'Candy Dreams' US$40

Nepenthes [(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x platychila US$40

Nepenthes boschiana x [lowii x (northiana x veitchii)] US$35

Nepenthes veitchii 'Pretty Orange' x 'Candy Dreams' US$100

Nepenthes (boschiana x veitchii-Bario #0) x (northiana x veitchii) [PE,2022] US$35

Nepenthes (viking x veitchii) x veitchii-Bario US$40

Nepenthes lowii x truncata-Wide Peristome, 40cm in diameter cutting US$800

Nepenthes lowii x clipeata, 30cm in diameter cutting US$800

Nepenthes [(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x (lowii x truncata Squat) [PE, 2021] 30 plantlets in vitro US$600

Nepenthes [(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x veitchii 'Candy Dreams' 30 plantlets in vitro US$600

All Platycerium are in 1.7" pots.

Platycerium 'Ginka' US$25

Platycerium veitchii 'Auburn River #1' US$25

Platycerium veitchii 'High Finger' US$25

Platycerium veitchii Wild 'vp#0' US$25

Platycerium willicknii 'Indo Mr.Tin' US$20

Platycerium ridleyi 'Dwarf Silver' US$18

Platycerium madagascariense US$25

Platycerium veitchii cv.Pangsida US$25

The order deadline is 11:59PM Saturday, June 15. DM me your orders before then.

Important Info:
  • Shared costs:
    • ~US$100-150 shipping fee from Premium Exotics
    • Any additional import/customs/inspection/brokerage fees (most likely none)
  • Individual costs:
    • Cost of your plant(s)
    • Canada import tax (13%)
    • 5% handling fee (this is charged by Premium Exotics)
    • Shipping within Canada from me to you
  • Costs covered by me:
    • Import permit
    • Shipping supplies
  • Shipping within Canada is via the cheapest of UPS, CanadaPost, DHL, or Purolator. If there's a specific courier that you want to use / do not want to use, you may let me know.
    • If you want to use a courier not listed above, you may do so. I will provide you with the dimensions and weight of the package and you will be responsible for creating/purchasing a shipping label and sending it to me(digitally). If the courier you choose requires the package to be dropped off somewhere inconvenient for me, I may charge you for my time/gas.
    • If you are in the GTA, local pickup/meetup can be arranged. I am located in the Port Union area.
  • Premium Exotics stated that paperwork (phyto / CITES) takes about a week. Our plants will ship as soon as the paperwork is approved.
  • Ordering Process:
    • PM me a list of plants that you want and whether you want to pay in CAD via e-transfer or in USD via PayPal friends & family.
    • I will calculate the currency conversion (if applicable) and send you the total as well as my email for e-transfer.
    • You send me the amount.
    • If the currency conversion significantly changes before you send me the amount in CAD, I may ask you for the difference.
    • I place the order for the plants you specified on June 16th.
  • Payment Schedule:
    • 1st payment (Due when you order)
      • Cost of your plant(s) + 5% handling fee
    • 2nd payment (Due when plants arrive in Canada)
      • ~US$100-150 group shipping fee (split among group order participants)
      • Any additional import/customs/inspection/brokerage fees (most likely none) (split among group order participants) (split among group order participants)
      • Shipping within Canada from me to you


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Quick update, unfortunately EMS is the only shipping method PE can use. I haven't used this before and I've heard bad things about shipping plants via EMS so he's going to be first sending me a test plant so I can figure out the import process. Worst case, I have a friend who's having having a shipment come in from Taiwan in early August that I can tag along with but the shipping cost would be a bit higher


Im opting to tag along with a friends shipment that I mentioned above. We should be expecting the shipment towards the end of July. The plants are being sent via air cargo so they should only be in transit for a day or two and arrive in excellent condition. I haven't gotten a final cost yet but if it's higher than the initially quoted $100-150 USD I'll cover the difference. Everyone can expect to contribute at most ~US$18 towards group shipping.