Pinguicula Light Question :)

How much light would you say Mexican Pinguicula need, especially for getting them to change their colors? Have ehlersiae "Cotton Candy" and a "Lilac Lollipop"
I had mine with my Cephalotus originally (300+ ppfd) but seemed that it was too much light as they looked like the edges were getting crispy would putting them with my Nepenthes provide enough you think for a color change? I use Carnivero ppfd recommendations and the photone app for some kind of reference but wanted to double check here.

Currently using two 1" Barrina T5 LED's and the photone app says it's about 120 ppfd

Side note: the lilac lollipop cake in looking rough and don't think it will make it, a replacement is on the way thankfully



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what substrate? what watering?
I find that there is a lot of substrate on the leaves :rolleyes:.
At the moment, at home, these plants are beginning their dormancy in my garage, almost dry, with just a window light facing south.

for my part, many of my Mexican pings to have beautiful colors stay outside from May to the end of October,
I don't have ehlersiae, but my pirouette and esseriana barely start to show some pink on their upper surfaces at 300 umol/m^2 s. I keep them at 500+ umol/m^2 s to get them to really colour up.
Ugh I want a esseriana so bad but good information to know! So I'm less worried about them getting crispy and more about the color then. For now will let them acclimate under the weaker light for a bit just because I noticed them getting crispy edges when under the one my Cep is. Then I'll move them and see if it will be enough light. Otherwise they might just go with my Drosera since I have those at 400-500. Thank you!!


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I don't have an actual light meter, but I reduced my light output by half and none of my plants seem to have suffered, even in colour. I used to have 2 of these industrial highbay LED fixtures, but I changed it to one @ ~165w or so. The light is 3ft from the plants.

Even my cephalotus are fine, and they are not even under the lights.
Just the light meter app on my phone says 5000 lux at the far edges and 8000 in the middle. My Ceph get 3500 lux off to the side.
I know light meters are phones are junk but it's just to give you an idea if you download it yourself and measure yours.

And my other shelf with my Heliamphora has the same light, but a little closer for the Heli at 2ft - 2.5 ft
This shelf gets 8,000 Lux on the sides 10,000 - 12,000 for the middle.