Picked up a wine fridge to convert into an ultrahighland chamber

This has to be a common thing to do, right?
Anyone else out there who has converted a wine fridge into a cool terrarium? I would love to hear about how you did it and what issues you ran into along the way.
or if anyone has any ideas, please chime in, I could use all the advice i can get :)
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I got it for free because they said it was broken. the electronics seem to work ok. I havent tested the cooling yet, just letting it settle for 24 hours because i think i remember hearing you are supposed to do that with fridges after moving them?
if i cant get it repaired cheaply, i am going to put a peltier cooler in there and use an old CPU water cooler radiator to dump the heat outside
What’s the update on this? I have the same wine cooler and want to know how you set up your temp control.