Pedicularis canadensis

Has anyone grown these plants? They're all over the woods by my house and are in flower now. I've heard that they mostly grow on grasses, although the ones in the forest seem to be parasitising trees.
Hello I have by accident one Pedicularis species on two of my floating gardens

Probably with some gras-contaminated mossy substrate. I still do not know which species, since it has not flowered yet.
I started this special island last winter. The first visible leafs of Pedicularis appeared late spring.
I know that this species grows in a old sandpit where I took a sample of some mossy substrate, with no other visible plants as some gras and a few Erica species.
My floating gardens device allows to transplant whole small systems with fungi and everything on it in good condition.
My Pedicularis should flower next year, because its biannual.
I wanted to grow this species but could never detect seeds, so this was a lucky accident.
It is not too difficult having seedlings of trees on one of these Islands growing. I experiment already with willow, maple, pine, spruce and birch species,
just because of the mycorrhiza conected with these trees in order to seedgrow more difficult orchids and other species which cant grow without special mycorrhiza.
At the moment I have about 50ty of these islands.
Pedicularis ssp..jpg

Pedicularis ssp.1.jpg
I would be grateful if anyone has interesting seeds to offer for experiments or tries himself, this system and posts it here.
It is very easy to build and you even don't need a garden to grow orchids from seed and other supposedly difficult plants.
Because of possible legal problems I would prefer you trying this in your country and post the information.
I will extend the number of these special gardens, but there is a space limit. There is not much maintenance because watering is no issue.
So the more people will try the more they will become easier.

Happy growing.

Lloyd Gordon

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Nice idea. Can't do it here because of the animals. Skunks are the worst for the aquatic set-ups.
Electric wire fence?
Works for cats with one wire about 30 centimeters above ground. They go underneath and touch it with their tail.
They don't find out what hit them and avoid the place where it hit them.
Another way to keep mammals away is hot chilly powder. Most mammals up to full grown bears avoid even the smell. If they don't, they will regret it
Has to be replaced after a couple of weeks or after a rain.
But the animals have a good remembrance for uncomfortable places.

Lloyd Gordon

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Wire fences are a no go for various reasons. Hot chile pepper does not work here. The squirrels seem to dote on it. Chicken manure doesn't faze them. Unfortunately in Toronto, you have to learn to live with the varmints. When you go for a walk, you have to keep an eye out for sticks in case of coyotes.
This setup is probably only good for cities without such wildlife.
Electric wire fence is a problem, if you have own pets around or small children.

For wild dogs I used to have some stones in my pocket. Might work for coyotes too. It helps to train a bit.
The wild dog packs in Greece fled, when I stooped for a stone. I was walking there in the wild all alone. Greece country people in this area seem to use stones very often.

Nowadays I have a long walking pole when I am abroad in the countryside. This 2 meter piece impresses even half wild cattle with calves, when I raise it in the air.

Lloyd Gordon

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And speaking of coyotes! 2 today.
I tried the "making yourself look big, showing teeth and growling". The coyote was unimpressed.


Today I protected one of my planters against Blackbirds with not too short thorny sticks. Like some Rose, Berberis, Robinia etc.
They have to be placed like Sticks in a Mikado game (Spillikins), in order to surprise the birds with odd movement when they start to devastate my setting. They avoid it at once when I place them.
Maybe this would be worth a try against squirrels and skunks too

Lloyd Gordon

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Birds don't seem to bother our plants, for some reason. We do use the stick idea to keep the dogs out (although it's really the owners negligence).