[On-going] BCP Group Order 2022 Fall


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BCP Group Order 2022 Fall
Ready for more plants? Want to kick-start your CP collection? Getting itchy for new rare carnivorous plants? Want to replace some sad/dead plants...?
Well, consider joining this group order with Willy! :)


Please read everything carefully on this post before sending your group order request to Willy!!!

BCP has announced that the Fall sale is going to start on around Sept 26th. There will be a new revised list for plants and seeds available at the time of reopening.
Once the website is reopened, please send me your list ASAP, and have the money ready for e-transfer or Paypal (friend/ family only!) to Willy to secure your spot in the group order. We aim to summit the order within 24-48 hours of the reopening so that our group order can get through and we can get the plants we want!

About BCP
Best Carnivorous Plants (BCP) has been selling carnivorous plants for many years. During this time the company achieved recognition from many growers and specialists in the field. Most of our activities are connected with growing and propagating carnivorous and exotic plants, publishing and education, research in nature, and participation in shows locally and abroad. It is a proven to be a trusted vendor from Czechia.

BCP Website (New list is AVAILABLE now):
A previous posted price list for your reference only, from August 2022:
Link to reference price list

NEW: Estimating Calculator
Find out roughly how much it will cost you to participate, plan your budget!

Example image from our previous Group Order:
From BCP to Willy:

From Willy to others:

Sign-up deadline:
Sept 23rd

Estimated 1st payment deadline:
Sept 24th

Planned order submission date:
Sept 25th

Group Order Limits:
20 participants maximum - once this limit is reached, we won't accept more group order requests
$2000EUR total maximum - once this limit is reached, we won't accept more group order requests
Avoid CITE plants to reduce custom complications, check with Willy if you are unsure about a specific species.

Shared items for this group order:
+ Phytosanitary certificate (applicable if you are not only ordering only seeds)
+ Import permit and related documentation fees
+ S/H, fastest express shipping option from CZ to CA, likely with DHL
+ Inspection fees (if applicable)
+ Custom fees (if applicable)
+ BCP Handling fee

Non-shared items:
+ Your ordered items
+ Import tax (usually is close to 12%-15% of your ordered value, exact amount depends on the estimation from the Custom agent)
+ Currency exchange fee and paypal fee of your portion
+ Shipping cost from Willy to your Canadian address; via Expedited or XpressPost (~$28-40, the actual cost will depend on your mailing address and package weight/ size )

Warning - please know and understand your RISK:
As with any group order or import in general, there is always a chance of Dead On Arrival (DOA), and perhaps other unexpected complications such as shipping delay (especially COVID is still going-on) or custom/ inspection being more difficult than usual, or worst case scenario - import rejected, and package is destroyed...
The odds may not be high but it is important to know and understand that things can go south.
Willy, as the organizer of the group order will try to help and serve as best as he can, but will respectfully decline any liability and responsibility of your loss, especially due to uncontrollable circumstances.
If you can not accept any loss or complications that could potentially happen, please do not join the group order. There are other ways to trade/ buy new plants from other members on the forum!
If you are planning to place a relatively large order and maybe group order/ import is new to you, please check out the Caveat Emptor first.
Please understand your risk before sending your group order request!

Group order perks:

+ Experienced group order organizer!
+ Exclusive group chat with frequent updates
+ Trade with other participants, or share portions with each other - but please keep in mind if the request is too complicated, it might delay your package.
+ No minimum purchase!
+ Good conversion rate comparing to the past! (1.33 now vs 1.55 in 2020, that's a ~14% difference)

Important notes:
+ We aim to place the order as soon as the list comes out, so the deadline is very tight! HAVE YOUR MONEY READY FOR 1ST PAYMENT!
+ Participating members will share all the shipping and fees equally (from CZ to CA).
+ Payment of your order value will be expected prior to fully processing the order, in CAD.
+ No cancelling once you have paid the 1st payment.
+ Once your request is finalized, no refund, no exchange, no mind-changing.
+ When submitting your list to Willy, please include a screenshot of both your items and bonuses.
+ No return, no exchange, no refund after the group order is submitted and finalized.
+ To make sure our group order gets processed quickly, we will agree to this option: "Substitute one species by another (similar)".
+ If you are looking for bonuses, please calculate 20% of your total, and round down to the nearest integer. The items with a * beside them are eligible as bonus on this page: http://www.bestcarnivorousplants.net/index.php?node=price-list
+ Once deadline has come or our group order limit has reached, we will not accept any more group order request.
+ Tips/ donations are appreciated, but not mandatory! Coffee moneys are highly appreciated. :)

+ Due to increased custom/inspection difficulty (based on past years' data that they sometimes would not clear these plants because there are inorganic soil matters like perlite or foam attached that BCP cannot clean out completely), therefore Utricularia and Genlisea and plants alike may be riskier than other plants. Please be mindful of the added risk for these plants.

Payment options:
+ Paypal (friend/ family option only!)
+ E-transfer/ E-interac (preferred because it is much quicker)

If you are interested, please:
1) Leave a simple comment on this thread (for example: "I want to join!"), this is so that you will receive notification when this thread updates.
2) Send a PM to Willy the list of items and/or a screenshot of both your items and bonus; alternatively, you may provide a budget and plant types that you are looking for, and let Willy picks for you.
3) Send Willy your shipping information: a) Full name b) shipping address c) email address d) phone number
4) Follow provided instructions regarding the first payment to secure your spot in the group order

Example of a group order request via private message (Thanks, Richard!); it clearly shows which items you are interested and the amount of each item and the prices. If your request is missing information, it takes more time for Willy to hunt down the plant from the long list.


Process of the Group Order:
The following diagram shows the steps of the group order. The first payment mainly includes value of items, currency conversion fee, transaction fee... and the second payment includes the rest: shipping costs, import tax, and other related expenses... and any adjustments if required.
The time for each process depends heavily on how smooth everything goes, sometimes it may take longer than usual, so please be patient!


Group order terms and conditions:

1) No cancelling once you have sent the first payment.
2) Once your request is finalized, no refund, no exchange.
3) To make sure our group order gets processed quickly, we will agree to this option: "Substitute one species by another (similar)".
4) In rare cases, not all items in the request might be available from the vendor; if there is any item not available from your request, you will receive full amount of adjustment credit toward the second payment, or in form of refund.
5) Please understand your risks: Willy, as the organizer of the group order will try to help and serve as best as he can but will respectfully decline any liability and responsibility of your loss, especially due to uncontrollable circumstances. Please note that the vendor will not cover any damage, DOA or loss.
6) Willy has the right to handle your items fairly and where he sees fit. For example, to re-hydrate the plants, repackage items with better packaging.
7) Please understand that in some cases where multiple members ordered the same item, it could come in one big bag instead of individual packaging, and ID tag may be lacking as there's only one.
8) Please do not contact BCP directly regarding this group order - you can send Willy your concerns and questions for forwarding.
9) Willy reserves the final right to make fair adjustments to the group order details, terms and conditions

Past logistics for reference (2020)
Sept 8 - BCP list is available, group order request is accepting now
Sept 9 - we are closed for new group order request, now collecting 1st payments
Sept 10 - all 1st payments are collected, submitting the group order soon
Sept 11 - group order submitted
Sept 16 - order reviewed, payment processing
Sept 21 - payment finalized
Oct 5 - Order revision required
Oct 10 - Order revision finished, items processing
Oct 15 - BCP order shipped
Oct 19 - Processing paperwork and forms to get the package cleared for custom and inspection
Oct 24 - Import duty and tax payment submitted
Oct 27 - Package has arrived.
Oct 28 - 2nd payments collecting. Plants and items are being sorted for shipments
Nov 2 - Plant packages are on the way to their new homes!

Q - Is Aldrovanda okay to order?
A - Yes.

Q - How much is the other fees going to be? I want to plan for a budget.
A - Check out the Est. Calculator!

Q - Will my plants be shipped before too cold for safe delivery?
A - It should be safe to deliver the plants before end of November, I'd highly recommend adding a head pack to your package and going with the express option to reduce shipping time!

Q - How long approximately will the plants take in the mail to reach you?
A - This is hard to answer because it depends on the DHL express and how long it takes to clear custom & inspection. If I have to guess, it'd be around 1.5-2.5 weeks from CZ to Canada.

Q - Have there been losses in other group orders that you know of? DOAs?
A - From previous imports I haven't seen major losses upon arrival, maybe just a few smaller plants out of a big portion died.

Q - Prices have gone up quite a lot, should I really join the group order?
A - Inflation is pretty bad across the globe, but note that the currency exchange is better than previous orders (1.33 now vs 1.55 in 2020, that's a ~14% difference) as well. So there are definitely pros and cons. Personally, I won't be spending as much as before, maybe just a few interesting plants. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make!

Q - Can I order seeds only?
A - Yes, and there's no minimum purchase requirement. Check out the calculator to see if the cost works for you.

Q - Do I send you the list of plants now, from the list of August?
A - Please wait until the new list is released before sending me your list, as there will likely be changes.

Q - Is it an option to come pickup my portion when it is done sorted? I can drive to Port Coquitlam, BC.
A - Yes it is possible, let me know and I'll try to arrange for you.

Q - Do we need to worry about your health conditions? Do you need help sorting and packing plants?
A - It should be fine! My sister will be helping me with sorting and packaging. :)

Q - Do I get to chose the 15% rounded down bonus?
A - The bonus system induced a lot of effort on Willy's end to keep everything correct so it is recommended to leave it, and Willy will use the pooled bonus fund to buy something for everyone to share. If your contribution to the pool is large, you may expect a large share of the bonus items.

Q - What to do if I have more question or concern?
A - Leave a comment on this thread or send me a PM!

Sept 22 - BCP Price List is now available, main thread revised
Sept 23 - Signup deadline
Sept 24 - 1st Payments Collected
Sept 25 - Group Order Submitted
Sept 30 - BCP Invoice received, Payment Submitted
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I've helped Sib with the estimates. If anyone else needs help with the Est. calculator please let me know, I'm happy to help! :)
Also please note that the estimates are for reference only, the exact amounts of course will vary, hopefully only slightly.


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Although I will not be participating in this group order, I wanted to share that Kamil has updated the pricelist on his website. See BCP Price List (Fall 2022). Unfortunately the prices are still pretty bad.

22.09.2022 - Dear friends!

New Autumn 2022 price list is ready. Like a last time, we set a higher minimum order to EUR 399. It support valuable customers to select the jewels we have in a limited amount. And also give us more time to manage incoming orders with super care. Available plants will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Many of plants we have only in a limited supply on this season.

Probably on the half of October, we will update the price list and minimum order value should be reduced.

We mostly sell portions of plants, like always. There is a pretty good amount of plants in a pack so the customers are happy by our policy!

Schedule for 2022-23: We will sell plants to end of October and finish with shipping to end of November. Than we will take winter break and close the shop. The selling will continue with a new revised offer on Spring (not sure yet) and/or Autumn 2023.

For additions/changes/requests please use only email message with a number of your recent order, but it always VERY slow all the proceeds of confirmation and handling of your order. Expect delay then or cancellation of main order if you ask extra many changes. We will not connect more than 2-3 separate orders. FB Messenger or any other chat App are not monitored and answered now. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your business and long-lasting support due your orders! We appreciate your trust, and we will do our best to meet your service expectations for this growing season.

BCP are always looking for any new plant-seed material, so if you have anything for trade or like to support us, please don´t hesitate to offer. We are mostly looking for items with origin. Seeds preferred. We can also sow your valuable seed in our lab by agreement. Any cooperation is appreciated.
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Okay everyone, BCP price list is available now.
Don't panic, you can send me your order request by tomorrow (23rd) night via PM. Remember to read over the main thread so you understand what's happening.
Thanks! :)


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Q - Do I get to chose the 15% rounded down bonus?
A - The bonus system induced a lot of effort on Willy's end to keep everything correct so it is recommended to leave it, and Willy will use the pooled bonus fund to buy something for everyone to share. If your contribution to the pool is large, you may expect a large share of the bonus items.
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There are 8 participants signed up so far, and 4 have already finalized their lists and paid for the 1st payment.
The limits might be reached quickly so please don't wait too long if you are interested joining!