OMG Sarracenia seed germination after 4 and 5 days!!!!

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Last Friday (18/11/22) I soak more than a thousand seeds of Sarracenia from @daniella3d and Carnivorous plant nursery in gibberellic acid…..ok I think I saw too big as I couldn’t finish sowing all the seeds after 24h so it took me 3 more days to finish all the sowing.

Here an example of a tray finished on Saturday (19/11/22) (24 hours of soaking)

So I finished Yesterday (22/11/11) and I noticed some seeds already germinated lollllllllllllllllllllllllll

I believe because some seeds were soaked for longer time it accelerated the germination!




I felt I had to share this information as it’s so cool :)
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Nice, what concentration of GA3 did you use ?
Do you use a spoon to measure or you do it by weight ?
For the concentration, I put a little stronger but because I did this so many times, I don’t use a specific weight. I judge by quantity of GA3 with a little 99% isopropanol alcohol and add very little water to dilute it in a small bottle. Then a use a dropper and add 5 drop of the solution in the small plastic container which contains demineralized water and add the seeds. I could use a balance to calculate the weight next time so I can give you the exact amount.

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So the first ones to germinate will have more growth as they have received a higher GA3 thru penetration of their shell compared to other seeds that must have less absorbed the GA3. The rest of the seeds will go thru normal germination time and in a few weeks should have alot of mini Sarracenia growing :)