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Nova Scotia is home to a lot of S.purpurea, so it is not surprising that also f.heterophylla is found there in several places. In one place more than just a few antho-free plants grow together with typically coloured plants. A report on these plants and their habitat was given by Sheridan and Scholl in ICPN 22 (1993) p.106.
I received some seed of cultivated plants 20 years ago. But all seedlings looked like typically coloured ssp.purpurea. I grew them to flowering size, selfed them and got antho-free plants as shown in the photo above. So the seed I got must have been open pollinated with another unknown purpurea, maybe even ssp.venosa. My plants mostly have a somewhat 'rectangular' orifice, i.e. the lip is not straight like in many other ssp.purpurea with a more 'D'-shaped orifice. But since there is a lot of variation within S.purpurea this is not of much significance. The flowering stem gets 45 cm tall.
My plants are probably not 100% pure, however, there are plants from this location in cultivation in the US, Canada and Europe which are unspoiled (but probably selfed a few times).


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Very cool stuff, I've heard of a couple sites out there, once again it would be awesome for someone to visit these sites again.



This purpurea f.heterophylla is from another location in the hills near Annapolis Royal. I think I read about this site on the forum of the Scottish Rock Garden Club in 2010. Around that time antho-free plants were found along a disturbed road side. Some of the population was buried because the site was used as a dump. Later I noticed that a wild seed company in NS offered seed of these plant for sale, but when I contacted the owner I learned that they were out of stock and the company had moved away from NS. Some years later I was lucky to get in touch with someone in Europe who had bought some of the seed in time and I got a division of this and a few other clones from the same location in exchange for other plants.
This is clone no.37 and produced a good number of offshoots. This year I got 9 flowers that get about 46 cm tall. The pitchers have a small, slightly wavy lid.