My NOID Beavis and Butthead Nepenthes.


Carnivorous Plant Addict
I've named this one Beavis.
I treat it like crap, forget about it, it's off to the side and I sometimes don't water until it's bone dry, then I drown it because i think it needs it.

And it rewards me with the nice pitchers.


Why do I treat it like crap and put it off to the side? Because there's a tendency to drip sticky liquid from the outside of the pitcher, and it makes a sticky mess wherever it sits.

However it's not the worst offender..
I've named this one butthead.
This prick is the most annoying one..
Everything on this stupid one is sticky. Even the leaves produce sticky dots..
And sticky doesn't even come close to describing the glue-like adhesion that these things can produce.