Mix of Pinguicula auction #3 *closed*


Carnivorous Plant Addict
I have a pot of mixed Pinguicula that I've decided to place on auction.
Ohhh, I'll be honest. This poor pot has been mistreated and neglected!. It's soil consists of random stuff, even some bits of plastic tags.
But, somehow moss took hold and pings found their way into the pot. Mostly pullings that I didn't think had a chance.
So this pot is full of true survivors that need a better place! I have no idea what pings they are!
Might be a good start if someone was making a ping rock?

Bidding can start at $5, and the next bid needs to be in increments of $5 or more.

Shipping cost to by paid by the winner, with a rough guess at $25. Exact number will be determined based on the winners location.
I will pull the top layer of moss/pings off and ship like that.
Auction will end Wednesday May 3rd at 8:00pm CST (Saskatchewan time)

Payment via e-transfer please.

*No “sniping” (last minute bids)
Any bids placed within 15 minutes of closing will extend the auction by 15 minutes.