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One of my neighbors vandalized the mistletoe. There's still a strong growth of Mistletoe. If anyone local wants to give it a good home, pm me. The apple is 52" high (including 17" pot).
Bloody hell! Was it accidentally vandalized or did the neighbour do it out of spite?
If he did not cut the tree itself, only the mistletoe no big harm done.
Mistletoe breaks very easy from natural causes, but regrows quite fast from the swollen part under the bark.
Will be bigger but takes another two to three years till flowering.

Lloyd Gordon

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Wow, your plants are huge! How old are they? Is that one big plant or a few large plants? Also look like some nice Sarr's in the background.
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steve booth

Hi Lloyd.
There are probably 5 plants there, hence why I managed to get berries, they are the same age as yours are, I got some berries at the same time as you got yours. I cut out a fair bit of the centre of the tree to open it up for sunlight and whilst slow growing for the fir 5 or 6 years, as you suggest have really taken off now.
Ahh I didn’t think anyone would notice the Sarrs, as they were so blurry, that’s one of my four in ground bogs in the background, with everything dying back ready for winter.
Picture from earlier in the year.