Looking for Sphagnum spores


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Hello everyone,
I'm planning to do some experiments with Sphagnum spores. If you have fresh ones for trade or sale, please send me a PM!
Many thanks!
Best regards,


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Don't think I've ever seen my sphagnum moss colony produce spores but if they ever do in the future I'll be sure to PM you.


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It would be interesting to know what triggers sphagnum to do this spores... like dormancy?
I believe last time I had some was like a decade ago!
On my floating devices I have every year some of several species. They seem to like it there. Red, brown and green ones.
But sending them to Canada might be not legal?
Another problem when do I harvest?


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Hello everyone!
As my health is improving, I'm looking for Sphagnum spores again to try in TC.
Please let me know if you have some. :)
I'd be happy to send you some as soon as I notice them. If you're up for experimenting without guaranteed results it'd be neat if you wanted to try the Sphagnum austinii clones I have. S. austinii as you might know is dioecious and I'd be curious if you could culture it from a mix of the spores from what I have. If they produce spores around the same time that is. I will also try to send spores from Sphagnum compactum and the other species I grow. I don't know if you are into hardy ferns but I could probably send spores from our Vancouver Island endemic Adiantum aleuticum var. subpumilum too. It is a dwarf maidenhair fern that I have had success growing under lights.


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I never found any sphagnum spore capsules on my moss either. This is with either tropical or temperate versions of the genus. I think a variety of factors (just guessing) including seasonal variations, sunlight levels etc are all triggers to make the sphagnum form male/female structures that can downstream lead to sporophyte formation. Very interesting though. I bet if you have some in a outdoor bog, that would possibly make it to the sporophyte stage.