Living LFS as a permanent media?


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If you pot your plants with living LFS would you ever have to change the media for the plant? Would the Sphagnum Moss ever go bad? I know Peat Moss does start to sour after a couple of years and I do know that dead Sphagnum Moss is what Peat is made out of.


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More then 3 year probably, but like Lloyd said depends on your watering and other conditions

Lloyd Gordon

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LFS best if: very airy; not compressed at all, net pot, not kept soaking but always moist, not too warm, transparent pot might help. Not much if any fertilizer. Still sometimes it just becomes mushy underneath or even the whole pot, sort of unpredictable.


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I believe if you can create the ideal growing conditions for Sphagnum moss it won’t crash and could be ideal growing conditions for certain types of plants.

Examples: Drosera rotundifolia will happily grow until it gets too buried but will readily reseed in deep Sphagnum but Drosera anglica will not reseed. Pinguicula vulgaris will also grow fine until it gets overgrown then die. Nepenthes lowlander conditions aren’t ideal for Sphagnum and the moss might crash but highland conditions are ideal. Sarracenia purpurea also love to grow in Sphagnum but some other upright trumpet types don’t.

So yes and no, depends on the plant and your skill at growing Sphagnum.

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