How do I repot a VFT?

Lloyd Gordon

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Forceps are a bit sharp. Use something blunt, like a chopstick to loosen the roots. You can use distilled water to make the medium runny. If the medium has sand, take care that none goes down the drain. I use 3 bowls and a colander to recycle the gritty sand and to make sure the fine sand doesn't go down the sink. Everything else can go into the garden or into potting soil.

jackie quan

If you have one of those popular massage guns, you can use that to either dislodge or repack the peat moss/ sand / perlite substrate ( at a low setting)


watch this vid and follow them on Youtube. its helped me alot in the beginning as well as this group .



Is it the right time to repot though ?
depends how you grow them. , I grow indoor soo. I repot after dormancy. and they say do the division same time , less stress on the plant. but I have before done both. just takes a bit longer to rebound. like when you buy a plant from someone and repot ..

with outdoor growing others have better info then me, guessing lower light periods for a bit at first until they adapt and temps im sure are an issues