Hello from a part of Quebec that's practically a peat bog.


So, I have a patch of common sundew in my backyard (backwoods? It legit is woods back there) and I carefully moved one of the plants to a bog-like corner of my house in the cup from a Pepto Bismol bottle and cleaned it well first, I'm gonna make myself a sundew trough and have a large collection of the buggers (pun intended). Also I kinda wonder what a lawn composed solely of sundew would be like. I'm probably gonna bring the little sundew I have with me when I go on walks in the woods and feed it any mosquitoes who dare bite my soft flesh. Fun fact about me, I'm fictosexual and my fictional other is Mephiles the Dark from Sonic 06. Any time I talk about my boyfriend I'm talking about Mephiles. I also have ADHD and autism. My mom and I once tried to grow Venus flytrap from seed, it was a failure.