*** HELIAMPHORA Auction for Willy ***


Hey everyone!!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there. I’ve sure noticed Willy’s absence around here these days! He is in ICU at the moment, I thought we could pool together and help him buy a hot meal or two once he’s out of there.

Up for auction are a few Heliamphora divisions that will look awesome in anyone’s collection! Even to those not yet growing Heliamphora- what better opportunity to dive in than with a fundraiser??

The plants will be shipped out at my expense, and 100% of proceeds will be sent to Willy so that once he’s out of ICU he can at least get him some hot food and know that we’re thinking about him!!

Heliamphora pulchella - Churi Tepui - from BCP


Heliamphora minor - Auyan Tepui - AW


Heliamphora minor - Burgundy-Black- AW


Heliamphora parva - Cerro Neblina - AW


Let’s start the bidding at $25 for the whole lot, bid increments of $5 minimum - the estimated value of the lot is $250.

Auction ends 1 week from today- Tuesday, September 7th at 9pm central standard time.


1 hour, 37 minutes left! Keep in mind Central Standard time is not the same as Central standard- sorry if there’s any confusion!! o_O

Auction ends 10pm Central time!!! Thanks everyone!!!