Good Trader and Nursery List

Ok now that I have a little break here’s many thanks to:

Labine: very nice Heliamphora :cool: So nice that I decided to put them on display in my inside bog for the grand opening of the Greenhouse.

Mary: cute little gemmae

Sparrow: Nice plants and arrived in good condition.

Eupholous: Nice selection, some Nepenthes arrived stressed but now in good care. Some Nepenthes made it to my vegetal wall

nepenthes seeds supplier: Seeds arrived well protected, nice looking pods of seeds! Good job!

Muckydoo: Nice selection of Pinguicula and generous. Most arrived stressed and dried roots due to dehydration and are now in good care in my nursery. No worries, they will recover ;) Really had fun unpacking and repotting them, would redo anytime :p

Brads greenhouse: What can I say, always nice selection of plants and enjoying shopping for more….oh and please don’t tell my wife I ordered many times this year :p:p:p

Again thanks to all and would again order if new stuff are available :)


I've forgotten to mention the people I've dealt with since June. You all make for a wonderful community.

Healthy starter clump of live sphagnum & a good amount systemic powder. Received in great shape. Can't wait to see what's in that mystery box!
Moss growing nicely under my lights.

@Jake Chickenbark
Yet another box of healthy plants that arrived in great shape. Next to no acclimation needed, started growing right away.

@Lloyd Gordon
Free plants! Super generous. Huge mat of mixed Utricularias, a couple baby Heliamphora, Drosera "Lantau Island" and this peculiar hitchhiker:

Big clump of already-germinated D. oreopodion gemmae that all survived with zero issues.

@VFT2001 @Shayna
Sent me postage so I could mail them stuff. Enjoy your moss. Can't wait to see your collections grow.