Glass box and driftwood


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hey guys. Started sterilizing a piece of driftwood today. My plan is not at all set, so any advice or suggestions! Stuff to work with:
  • Square glass container, measuring 8" H, W, and D
  • Snazzy driftwood
  • Small submersible pump
  • LED light ring on a stick, not confident that it will be enough but am going to try it
  • Aquarium rocks + whatever other planting medium
And the plants I'm considering
  • mini Phalaenopsis (last one of my dad's small collection)
  • a rooted Aeschynanthus, maybe
  • and not sure which CPs ... I have a small Heli that I'm considering because it doesn't like my terrarium
  • going to add a chunk of pumice for a few pings
  • I have a few tiny Nepenthes bellii from @Lloyd Gordon that might be a good candidate
  • and can move other CPs I have ... just not sure