Gibberellic acid or alternatives?


I've been looking into trying out some gibberellic acid on seeds, but have yet to find a good place to buy it. I've read that coconut water contains some GA3, has anyone ever tried soaking their seeds in that? (Obviously it wouldn't have the same results as pure GA3, but might be cool if it works a bit)

Les serres de Paolo Inc.

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About GA3, I will soon reduce the quantity per shipping from 5g to 2g, also the price will go a little up as it will be less available. The reason is the ramping up of the production needs GA3 for my own bussiness. Will try my best to keep it available so that’s why I will reduce the quantity per shipping to let the chance to everyone to do their germination.

Will let the 5g for another week without any price change but starting Thursday Oct 19 it will change.
I have already bought seeds from them; nepenthes forget that, sundew; yes they all sprouted. For gibberellic acid, I don't know, but check the price carefully and compare…..:rolleyes: