First flower on P. Agnata and pollination question


My first ping has finally given me a flower. I've been waiting since summer 2020 for this :D


And the first flower is quickly being followed by a second...


I would like to try crossing this ping with my Sethos that is also starting to put out a flower. Although I'm not sure if this would work since Sethos is already a cross, and my sethos is possibly extra crossed as a sethos x primuliflora.

I've heard that you don't want to wait too long to collect pollen from a ping flower, but also not too early. I'd appreciate it if anyone had any tips on timing? Or anything else regarding ping pollination lol


Nice plant! What are your conditions for it if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks Sib! It sits about a foot away from a partially obstructed western window with a lot of other tropicals and cp's which probably helps with humidity. It's also about a foot away from a grow light that I have more trained on my other CP's. It's been overcast almost all winter so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with flowering.

For substrate it's in an improvised version of the gritty mixes I've seen suggested on this forum. I think mainly perlite, small pumice, and silica sand with a bit of peat. And in that I can let it sit in water, I've lost many pings to crown rot by sitting them in water with less gritty mixes :'( The first year or so I had it it was not in such gritty mixes.

I've also been bad most of the time I've had it and just watered it with brita water :oops: But I've been making more of an effort to use distilled water. I recently gave it a good flush with distilled water and it flowered very shortly after so I think that might have helped with flowering.


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Thanks.. think I may end up switching mine to a perlite mix, it's okay but no where near yours. (True blue if that makes a difference)