Few Cephalotus


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Right now it's 50%. But in the winter time it drops down to about 35%. I do randomly lose pitchers as well. Will be looking great and all of a sudden half the pitchers will die.
But then within the week or two it's pumping out a bunch of new, healthy pitchers.

I will add that some clones are a lot more susceptible to losing pitchers than others.
I have one line of clone that will reliably die back to practically nothing and then go wild afterwards.


My "German Giant" clone (sourced from Canadian collections) also clumps like yours but does not make what I would call giant pitchers. Colorful, but not big as the name suggests!

The German Giant clone from German or European collections has large pitchers and is possibly the original/true "German Giant". It is said to be the TC cultured version of the famous Harald Weiner Giant clone