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If anybody has any suggestions?
Drosera omissa?



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The disc shaped stigmas really remind me of the Drosera omissa. I think D. oreopodions stigmas are more club shaped. I'm no pygmy sundew expert though. I ended up with a few of the gemmae you sent out Lloyd and I also grow one labelled as Drosera omissa. I'll compare the two and take some good photos when they flower. Who knows though, oreopodion could be like D. pulchella in that it can look very different between individuals of the same species. Those stigmas though! Good eye dewy.


After just sort-of limping along for a while, my three drosera oreopodion/omissa have *finally* started growing at a reasonable rate! The trick seems to be keeping them permanently inside a humidity dome. None of this 'fresh air' nonsense.


Anyway, I know these aren't looking as good as other people's drosera from the same generation, but I'm proud of them anyway!