Patrick S.

Hi everyone, been awhile since I posted last. I've been busy trying to finish up my masters while working, should be done in January and I can spend more time with my CPs! I've neglected them a little bit this summer and fall and I'm wondering if anyone here could tell me if these photos look like diseases? The first one is cobwebby, has spread through one tray, mostly on Sarracenia seedlings. A quick search popped up spider mites, but I don't see any. Second photo are small white blobs on the soil, fungus? Third one is I think black mould on the inside pitchers of Heliamphora nutans, is this something to worry about? It doesn't seem to be impacting the plant, but has slowly spread over the last 6 months.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and I promise I will be more active in the New Year!



Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
If those plants came from me... that first photo looks similar to a spider I have investing half my collection... check for small suction cup looking egg sacs, and you'll know if it's that spider or not.

I have found that submerging my plants in water for a half day will either kill the spiders, or make them float, at which time I then squish them. Not ideal for a full tray, but doable on a one pot basis

Patrick S.

The webs look more spidery than fungus to me. The webs are between the pitchers, and not just along the soil. I'll search again for spiders or their eggs. Either way, I'll take a q-tip and brush off all of the webs/eggs/fungus balls and see how that helps.