Devil squirrels

Lloyd Gordon

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If you look at the last picture, you may notice that squirrels never actually eat pumpkin s/apples/tomatoes etc. They just destroy them looking for the expected nuts inside. Our area is littered with walnut casings which are ripped apart in the same way. I guess it's easier to rip into everything and find the occasional nut than think about it. In that way squirrels are a lot like people.


Thanks for the advice. I only know our local squirrels. Nothing works: chicken manure, hot Chili flakes, blood meal, mint, mouse traps, sticky traps, hard core netting, etc. It's ridiculous. I've seen squirrels totally stuck on a glue trap. They go insane, running amok, dragging the trap over the deck into the garden, rampaging through bushes until they rip off the trap leaving their fur behind and back the next hour.
You have to sit there with the hose set on jet, they hate it. It's the only thing that works. And if you go to the washroom for one minute all your Sarr's are ripped up. You have to know when you're beaten.

Squirrels, vicious beasts,
Digging, destroying, evil pests,
Spawn of foul demons.
I know I’m digging up an old thread here, but my neighbours are basically running a squirrel sanctuary so I’ve gotten quite good at this. instead of chilli flakes I take the hottest peppers I can find (scotch bonnet at the minimum, have used my own purpose grown Carolina reapers), blend them up, and then lay that pepper mulch on the pots sparingly. I try to top up the pepper mulch once every 2ish months depending on the pepper used. its at the point where I can’t even dig around in my pots without feeling like I’ve been pepper sprayed and anytime a squirrel even tries to touch the pot they get a serious surprise.