D paradoxa.


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I have a drosera paradoxa that I think is “Type” - I’d like to germinate the seed I collected from the last flower stalk before it starts flowering again (!!) but I’m not sure about the “type”yness! Anyone know?
Looks like “Type form to me.

“Type form” likes to grow tall even as a seedling as others have already said, as it grows a stalk it will send down red supporting roots from the stalk. The other typical Drosera paradoxa form doesn’t get as tall but can still form a stem over time. “Type form” will set seed without any pollination assistance the typical other will not, if yours produced seed indoors without help it’s likely “Type form”

Interesting Lloyd, I assumed because it forms a woody stalk it wouldn’t appreciate being cut down and a cutting replanted. I will have to try that thanks.

Drosera paradoxa “Type form”