[Closed] Sphagnum and Sundew Seeds

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
I have been lucky enough to meet someone who owns a very large property in Haida Gwaii. This property has seen mixed use over the years of multiple owners - logging, animal grazing, farming, development etc has degraded the majority of the bog sites. However, I was given permission to collect sphagnum from an area that is being converted into more pasture, and collected some sundew seeds from the surrounding areas.

An unlimited number of people are able to join, with the caveat that not everyone will receive something... It will be a lotteryesque style giveaway

I will leave this post up for ~2 weeks
Shipping will be covered by me
Canada only
Each sphagnum pack will have ~5 heads of 2-4 visibly different species
Sundew packs will be very limited... I found dozens of seed stalks, but, almost all of them were empty.. only 10 seeds per pack
I am sorry if you really want some, and don't get any

How to enter - using the LIKE button
love emoji - will sign you up for both Sphagnum and sundew seeds
haha emoji - sphagnum only
angry emoji - sundews only

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict