Asclepiadaceae / Stapeliads


@barvinok, i don't pamper them much, i grow them at room temperature, depending of which room i put them in winter! I should try my large, cool windowsill (NW exposition) this winter, but usually, they are in the basement with the others plants (18-25 Celcius), but i do water less.

Some die back to their roots (C. crassifolia), others only loose their leaves but retains their fleshy stems (C. ampliata, haygarthii), while others don't seems to put a real stop in their growth and seems mostly dictated by watering (C. radicans, sandersonii hybrid, denticulata, dichotoma, fusca).

And for the really fleshy ones (C. armandii, C. stapeliiformis) the rule is "We don't ask about them" (aka i'm not really good with them)


Amazing! I have been really getting into these in the past couple of years but have only found them sparingly through trades. Where do you source yours? Especially orbea would absolutely love to get more!