Anyone use lechuza Pon material?

jackie quan

Got a Lechuza planter pot and boy is it nice injection moulded plastics for those people who appreciate nice planters..( By makers of the folks who do Playmobil toys). The planters comes with Lechuza Pon material and interestingly enough, soil scientists and people who use the substrate say it is really good bottom substrate for moisture control, reduce soil pests,etc. Anyone try it before? ( It is not recommendrd for carnivorous plants since the original recipe includes fertilizer. There's even dyi versions of the secret recipe out there...maybe someone invent something like this w/o the fertilizer for our carnivorous plants.
I know that you can buy the substrate on Amazon and it is just the stones. There are many varieties, some stones larger than others. I don't think they have the fertilizer in them. They are also much cheaper than lechuza.