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  1. Davidd

    Nepenthes sale 2021

    Hi, I'm offering some Nepenthes for sale. Description, size, price, and photo will be to the right of the name. Minimum order of $80. Shipping charged as actual cost (packaging + postal service). Thanks! (I am still offering the plants, though shipment would have to wait 'till August) Entry...
  2. Davidd

    N. x[thorelii x (veitchii x boschiana)]

    These are some of the variation resulting from this grex: 'candy' 'dark' 'red striped'
  3. Davidd

    Nepenthes albomarginata

    This batch is 3 years and 9 months old from seeds. I find them to be pretty genetically diverse with different pitcher shapes and colours.
  4. Davidd

    Looking for Nepenthes sanguinea with dark purple or striped peristome pitchers

    Hi I'm looking for Nepenthes sanguinea with dark purple or striped peristome pitchers.
  5. Davidd

    Nepenthes northiana x veitchii

    Not the most dramatic form of the hybrid.
  6. Davidd

    Nepenthes Sale [closed]

    Plants to offer: N. rafflesiana small-$8 N. gracilis 'Black' seedgrown -$3 each or $10 for five N. 'Viking' x ampullaria 'Black Miracle'-$45 N. ampullaria ('Black Miracle' cross)-$60 N. gracilis 'variegated'-$60 $25 for xpress-post plus boxing and handling. Everything is still...
  7. Davidd


    I thought I'd share some of my Nep seedlings. They may still be tiny, but have nevertheless (in my perception) gone a long way from seed.
  8. Davidd

    Hello from Ontario

    Hi, my name is David and I'm from Toronto, Ontario. Thanks for having me here! Though I'm new to the forum, I'm not new to the hobby. Mainly, I grow Neps in my condo. My collection is mostly seedgrown plants, but I also have plants I imported from Thailand and Europe, and a few Canadian BE...