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  1. H2O

    Video Uploading Added

    Hello everyone! We’ve updated some stuff and added the ability to upload short videos directly from your phone or computer to the forum. Right now it’s limited to around 6mb, which we think will translate to 15-20 seconds of video for the average phone. If members think that raising this limit...
  2. H2O

    Sarracenia Flowers

    I took some photos of flowers today and wanted to see if anyone wanted to guess as to what they are. All are species and while some are very easy, others are very tricky. 1. 2. 3. S. flava var. atropurpurea Bay Co. FL @Eric 4. S. alata var. rubrioperculata from Mississippi @Raymond 5. S...
  3. H2O

    Blind Bog, Vancouver Island, BC

    This was a new site for all of us yesterday. It was a nice bog but show clear signs of drought stress, which is typical for many bogs in the area. There is a constant discussion over vulgaris and macroceras and I will try to exclude any opinions on the topic and only stick to facts. Many...
  4. H2O

    Obo Bog, Vancouver Island, B.C.

    This species is sporadic but widespread across B.C. This bog has a high concentration of them, sometime outnumbering Drosera rotundifolia in areas. A distinctly tall species that is easy to tell apart from all other species on Vancouver island.
  5. H2O

    Obo Bog, Vancouver Island, B.C.

    A group of us got to explore some new higher elevation bogs and we lucked out with the holy grail of Drosera on the West Coast. This natural hybrid is rare on Vancouver Island as one of its parents, Drosera anglica, is very sporadic and difficult to find. This site just happened to have...
  6. H2O

    Plantaholics Annual Plant Sale Sun May 19th 2019

    Hey everyone! For anyone around Vancouver Island looking for the next plants sale, the annual Plantaholics Sale will be Sunday May 19th 2019 at 10am. The sale is for outdoor perennials and the plants are grown by individuals with rare plant collections. This is the sale with the most...
  7. H2O

    Vancouver Island Meet Up!

    Hi Everyone! I am planning a spring BBQ and meet up Sunday May 26th 2019! This event is free and will include food and beverages (burgers, hot dogs, chips, desert etc, BYOB). It will be hosted by my good friend Bryan who has an amazing garden, multiple greenhouses and a love for all things...
  8. H2O

    New Event Area

    This area will be for people to inform other of meet ups, plants sales, shows etc. Many people end up missing their local orchid shows (which often have Carnivorous plants for sale) because of lack of information, hopfully we help inform other members of difference events happening locally and...
  9. H2O

    Victoria BC Plant Sale

    Hey everyone, if anyone from the island is free tomorrow my friend is hosting a plant sale. It will has a variety of plants for sale including Carnivorous Plants! Everyone is welcome!
  10. H2O

    Forum Update!

    Hey everyone! I will be doing some updates to the forum over the coming hours and days. I don’t anticipate any issues but if you have issues with anything that may be it. If you do have issues please do let me know so I can resolve them or watch out for them next time. Once updated I will...
  11. H2O

    Haliburton Forest Bog Trip

    This is an old trip from back in September 17th 2011, this is an interesting population as most of the plants aren't in the bog but along the lake shore. It requires a drive up to a remote lake, a 1-2km Canoe trip and a 3-4km hike to a different lake. Its not the most spectacular site but worth...
  12. H2O

    Flickr Changing Terms of Service In a similar but less severe move, Flickr is going the route of Photobucket and changing their free users terms of service. A fresh reminder of...
  13. H2O

    Justin’s Pic of the Day

    I am lucky enough to work with Carnivorous Plants and have a large enough collection to see new stuff every day. I take this for granted some days and I tend to overthink some posts and only show off what I feel is “worthy” of a post, this means I don’t post what I see as average even though...
  14. H2O

    Courting Frogs Nursery

    I just got back from a trip over in Washington visiting a couple Sarracenia growers and thought people would enjoy the photos. It was a pretty epic group of US growers and for those on Instagram you’ll probably recognize them all. I made this trip last year and did it in one day, living on...
  15. H2O

    Justins Sarracenia and Temperate CP sale 2018

    This year will be a little different, I have had little time to repot this year between moving and having to fix up, repair and settle into our first house. So people can get an awesome deal on the first part of this list. These plants are established two year old divisions, many busting at the...
  16. H2O

    Forum UPGRADE

    Hey everyone, There is a new forum upgrade that needs to be installed to comply with European laws. We will be going from Xenforo 1.something to 2.0.6 and there are some big things I need to do on my end. What this means for you: save contacts you may need immediately so that you do not need...
  17. H2O

    Leilani Nepenthes Volcano Relief

    Hey everyone, If anyone has missed the news, Sam Estes of Leilani Nepenthes in Hawaii had to evacuate his home and nursery. One of the newest fissures opened up essentially under his nursery, destroying everything. Sam and his family are alright but as far as everyone is aware, there is nothing...
  18. H2O

    Silverhill Seeds Owners Rob and Rachel Saunders

    Extremely sad news out of South Africa. I appears as though Rod and Rachel Saunders of Silverhill Seeds have been kidnapped and possibly murdered. The amount of work they have done to spread seeds around to a vast array of plant groups can't be understated. From the carnivorous plant community...
  19. H2O

    Ideas on the best way to move threads over

    Ok so I've had a thought on how to move over the threads that keeps all content. If we use our computers to screen shot the posts and then add them if will keep literally all the old info (who posted, their post count, every emoji etc) This works extremely well from my computer, its easy...
  20. H2O

    Master List of Links to be Moved Over

    INSIDE GROWING(arranged newest to oldest)