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  1. Jake Chickenbark

    Can you grow nepenthes in just perlite ?

    It seems some people in Southeast Asia grow neps in perlite. I wonder how they found it to work in the first place. In some extreme (experimental?) cases, I saw people posting about growing nepenthes in crushed styrofoam... Won't the foam float when water?
  2. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Sphagnum strictum is growing some spores. Look how cute they are:)
  3. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Have some big mollis (mollises?) for sale:
  4. Jake Chickenbark

    Some forum suggestions

    I would also suggest allowing the sending of pictures via PM.
  5. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    I agree!
  6. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Thanks Lloyd :D
  7. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    N. burb x eddy from BE. Some say it has villosa in it. What do you think?
  8. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    I have finally given up on my stapliads :(I have some rare species like tridentea germiniflora and orbea ciliata to let go. Send me a PM if you are interested in buying. They might not be in their best shape so I'm willing to sell them cheap...
  9. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Plants are all sold. Thank you for your support!
  10. Jake Chickenbark

    (CLOSE) I have someone in Vancouver who can pickup plants to bring to Québec

    I have a bunch of nepenthes
  11. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Sales list updated, take a look! The list is cross-posted. I will reply to messages in order. Please be patient as I am selling on my own. If the plant is on the list, it is still available. Happy growing...
  12. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    The king of veitchii has yet to reveal its potential :p
  13. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    I'm currently in the process of putting together my sales list. I'm aiming to post the list towards the end of February when the weather warms up. Mostly going to be nepenthes:D
  14. Jake Chickenbark

    Pitcher Plants Beginner Guide

    Are the pitcher images AI-generated? Looks very exotic:p
  15. Jake Chickenbark

    Seed mail! Woohoo!

    for a second i thought these were nep sprouts
  16. Jake Chickenbark

    Nephenthes sanguinea twig like stem

    I would recommend bury them under the medium.
  17. Jake Chickenbark

    Nepenthes ID help

    The other two look like amp or amp hybrids.
  18. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Fresh izumiae x (truncata x campanulata) EP pitcher! N. izumiae is a must-have for dark pitcher lovers, and to my surprise, there are not a lot of hybrids with izumiae parentage. I would love to see more toothy and dark hybrids with izumiae involved.
  19. Jake Chickenbark

    JC's Nepenthes

    Selling some plants: N. diabolica x hamata AW01 $600 N. lowii x ephippiata Y's $350 N. ventricosa x xtrusmadinesis EP $350 N. vikings x ampullaria variegated $200 N. peltata x xtrusmadinesis EP $180 N. raffsiana x mollis SG $150 N. northiana x veitchii EP $450
  20. Jake Chickenbark

    Ordering from the USA.

    EP is short for Exotica Plants. A company based in Australia. They specialize in creating Nepenthes hybrids and probably are the best in carnivorous plant businesses.