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  1. Zimmey

    Hello from Victoria Bc

    Hit me up when you get back. :)
  2. Zimmey

    Hello from Victoria Bc

  3. Zimmey

    Hello from Victoria Bc

    Let me know if you are around this weekend, I'll get you a clump of @Lloyd Gordon famous Utric. gibba. May have a couple other species of Utric as well in there. It has been taking over my water trays
  4. Zimmey

    Hello from Vancouver

    Welcome to the jungle, you're gonna fit right in. :)
  5. Zimmey

    Flow cabinet filter sources in Canada

    Yes, Gordotek is from the USA and I couldn't find the fan he suggested reasonably priced in Canada, but the alternate he suggested wasn't too bad. The filter was $30cad, fan $50, controller $20. Add a tote and some sealant and you aren't too far over $100cad. A lot smaller footprint than yours...
  6. Zimmey

    Flow cabinet filter sources in Canada

    I'm going to be building one of these or in the near future. Smaller than you are looking for, but also cheaper. The 20x16 inch filters that Lloyd is using look nice.
  7. Zimmey

    Pinguicula gigantea

    You did give me one, it doesn't look as happy as yours, but it has split into 3 little plants that are doing ok.. about the size of toonies.
  8. Zimmey

    CP Newbie in Ottawa, Canada

  9. Zimmey

    Hello from Fraser Valley, BC

    Welcome to the jungle :)
  10. Zimmey

    Hello from Victoria Bc

    Welcome fellow Victorian! Lots of super knowledgeable people both on this spit, and this site. I have some of Lloyd's legendary Utricularia gibba and will be happy to share when I get back to the island in a month, if you are interested.
  11. Zimmey

    CPSC Vancouver island: bog hike. June 24th 2023

    Looks like 24th works for me.
  12. Zimmey

    Hello from the BC Lower Mainland

    There is a bog trip being planned on the island (with multiple carnivorous plants) end of June. Might be worth the trip. Check in the events forum.
  13. Zimmey

    CPSC Vancouver island: bog hike. June 24th 2023

    Hoping I can go again, was so much fun. June should be good.
  14. Zimmey


    I have a couple plants that rooted down, into the water tray and then created new plants. First is Utricularia sandersonii (bunnies).. And the second - Drosera Adelae, funnily enough, I received as cuttings where the roots accidentally snapped off (completely rootless) as @stevebradford was...
  15. Zimmey

    My Mucky Pings

    I've never pollinated pings.. they are typically just so easy to do pullings from... maybe one of these days. :)
  16. Zimmey

    My Mucky Pings

    A bunch of my pings from @Muckydoo are flowering at the moment, as well as a P. John Rizzi from @Jake Chickenbark (sorry for the fuzzy pic).. which has been flowering straight for 6 months at least.. currently has 3 stalks up.
  17. Zimmey

    Willy's health update

    Wonderful to hear @WillyCKH Hang in there bud.
  18. Zimmey

    Hello from Thamesford Ontario

    Welcome to the jungle
  19. Zimmey

    Hello from Whitby, ON

    Welcome back :)
  20. Zimmey

    Plant of the Month, March 2023

    Drosera micrantha