Willy's Heliamphora

John Yates

Carnivorous Plant Addict
looken good Wil , if i may put a opinion of your flower, have had this happen to me many times and had hard time working it out , after many many thousands of flowers often after warm spells the flowers would go all weird on me , and then even when it was not warm , after much deliberation found it to be mites ,not spider but small mite the get on to VFT's and neps and other cp's dont know what there called or you cant even see them well with my eyes :) but its them after treating with miteaside the flowers the new flowers returned to normal shape and size

Never seen a split heli pitcher, first for me ,interesting :)


The one you sent me almost a year ago struggled a little bit for a while...i had to repot it, i think i packed it a little to tight in my first attempt. Its coming back slowly but surely now :) Nothing compared to what you people grow but maybe one day! Very nice plants.