Willy's CP Sale 2020


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The legend has temporarily been stopped for a slight inconvenience.

Edit: aweee Willy don't be sad I meant it as something unexpected as getting enough traffic to shutdown a website would be something great for the carnivorous plant community. Sorry!
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Thank you to everyone for the love and support!
There were 4751 visitors in total yesterday, and more than 45 orders registered. No wonder my website was having so much problem!

I want to personally apologize to anyone who experienced the lags, delays and disconnection, and that the plants are sold out so fast. I know many customers still want more and feel that they missed out on few plants. I understand, I'm sorry for the troubles and inconvenience. :(

Anyway, I'm still in shock right now, my store is pretty much emptied out... I couldn't sleep well last night at all. o_O
The good news is that I can focus on processing the orders in the coming weeks and then work on preparing more plants for the next round!
The challenging part has just began for me. Cool!

Have a nice day, guys!


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I know it was long weekend but I think I have broken my personal record of number of packages done per weekend... 28!
I'm so tired now, will try to get some seed orders done after work this week. There are still so many orders in queue.
Please understand why I'm not adding more plants and items to the sale for now... :')


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We are deeply overwhelmed by the high volume of orders (Thank you for your support!), therefore new sales will be temporarily suspended until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.
Currently we are working hard to finish orders with order number 2930-3000.