What kind of Silica Sand do you all use? and where to buy?

I always use pure silica sand cause it is inert and wont leech minerals into the water.
I was able to pick up a big bag of it at Slegg Lumber (you can probably call up any local building center and ask if they have pure silica sand)
i do wash it just in case theres any dusts or salts or anything in there


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I got a bag of chicken grit that’s pure quartzite. If you live in a rural area you could check your local feed store.


I've been using aquarium sand that I wash a few time. I like it because the grains are bigger than the silica sand I've been able to get in the past, and it comes in smaller quantities than the silica, which I could only get locally in 100lb bags.


Pool filter sand. If you want fine #20 then Canadian Tire sells it. If you want larger like #12 then check any pool store. I get 50lb bags of #12 for maybe $20? It was last year so I don't recall the price exactly.


Yes that's the exact stuff I bought in the past. I have a number of Drosera and a few VFT in a 50/50 mix of that and peat moss. I just rinse it out a few times and let it soak overnight in distilled water before I use it.