What is everyone's favorite carnivorous plants?


I am not sure if I have a favourite plant, though I am more particular to the Nepenthes species. Seems I have 14 of them now. I have 6 Pinguicula agnatas now after seeing if I could produce more from leaf pullings. I am going to raise some Dionaea muscipulas and Sarraceniaceae spp. in the incoming future. Likely just species of Sarracenia but I keep thinking of getting a Heliamphora. I do not think I can support its growing conditions yet, however I am currently experimenting with creating intermediate conditions. Utricularia species look quite interesting from the flowers they produce. If I had to grow some I would probably stick with keeping terrestrial species instead of aquatic so I don't have to manage water conditions. Sorry what was the question again? Favourite species of carnivorous plant? Whatever I am able to support and grow.

Ashley B.

I'm really into Nepenthes and the other species of pitcher plants at the moment but I have a very serious soft spot for Droseras, especially the smaller ones. In all honesty though I love all carnivores, they all have their own charms going on and I know I'll find myself getting a few of the other kinds someday as well.:D