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Hey everyone
I though my plants were declining due to lack of water, but now i suspect it has to due with this new pest i found. I have no clue what it is but they peak out their head and when I move close enough to take a photo they retract into the plant. I do not know if they bore into the rhizome but one is just in the pitcher. I suspect now that these plants declined due to these pest. Hope you can see from the photo. also please advise what to do such as repot or kill it with fire.
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Lloyd Gordon

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On the computer I can see the body. I have something similar in the medium, maybe a fly or gnat larva. Maybe just pick them off the plants if there aren't too many.


Hi Raymond,

Based on your picture, your pest kind of resembles a recently hatched sawfly larva (Macremphytus). I hope this little pest just accidently dropped onto your CP and helped itself to a tasty lunch, and not the type of sawfly where adult females drill into your plant material to lay several eggs! I would definitely feed your pest to a hungry CP, and also monitor your declining plants in case more potentially hatch out!


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Yup picked them off but since they squirm too much I dabbled with a little rubbing alcohol and they soon stopped moving. Made it easier to feed the drosera's without worry. Thanks everyone!