Wanted: various live sphagnum and a Couple CPs

Hey folks, i'm in the process of propagating various mosses to make some mossariums and i would love to add some sphagnum into the mix.

I'm looking for most kinds of sphag, temperate and tropical, green and red. Compact would be ideal compared to long and fiberous but if i remember correctly, that can change depending on the environment.

Also looking for U. Pubescens, U. Graminifolia and some hardy compact droseras such as D. Rotundifolia, D. Prolifera, D. Spatulata, etc.. if you have any suggestions for small plants fit for a mini terrarium, i'd really appreciate it :)

I can pay with either etransfer or paypal!
I too have moss!

I have some sphagnum I could share with you, but limited amounts, and atleast 3 species, probably 5? It has been my experience that conditions are what create leggy or compact moss and green or red.. in one tank I know for sure I put 3 types of shpagnum into it, now it all looks the same.. ugh. I have found that light and temperature are the two big factors.

I also have moss in my tropical frog tanks, 2 for sure, and maybe a third?

Willy has great customer service as well, if you go with him you will not be displeased.