Vancouver island: spectacle lake. June 8th 2019


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Hey people I will be doing this hike june 8 this coming Saturday. We will walk to the pace of the slowest person.

We will be starting at spectacle lake parking lot and walking northish as things allow to the circled swampy sections. Expecting to spend about 4 hours exploring with some on gravel logging roads and some bushwacking.

Oliphant and Spectacle lake have D. rotundifolia so there a good chance to see that. I’m also hoping to find some D. anglica and P. macroceras in this area.

(Five looks like possible dense bush most interested in one, two, three and four)



4 (not sure what this is but it looks interesting on the map)
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Looks fun!

Number 2 is likely all shrubs and 4 is open bluffs, but 3 looks super promising!!!

Would be interested in tagging along.


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Ok revised plan going to try to hit the areas of interest in their new numbered order. Other blue circles are other wet spots that look less promising.
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Not a long one planning on getting to the parking lot by 4 It’s mostly on logging roads so I think we could see it all in a short time. I haven’t been there before but I have walked to oliphant lake a similar hike and distance and spent about 2 hours taking our time. So probably minimum 2 hours and depending what we find if there’s anything good I wouldn’t think any more than 4hours. We could also try to get going by 3ish we are waiting on my brother he’s busy in the morning.
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I am heading up to some San Juan ridge bogs at 6am tomorrow but might be able to make it to spectacle if the people I am going up there with would be able to do a long day. Its likely that they wont be into doing both so if I am not there dont wait for me. Its really too bad I might not get a chance to go up there with you guys. I was really looking forward to checking that area out.


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We did it, all three bogs and two lakes it was a great hike. The bogs were more grassy swamps with standing water. Disappointing but interesting and had to be crossed off the list. Oliphant lake was awesome a nice clean lake with lots of Drosera rotundifolia.

Swamp 1

Swamp 2

Swamp 4

Oliphant lake


Some logs were red with Drosera rotundifolia


Last years seed pods fallen into the water were sprouting manny thousands of new plants

Carson was determined to go for a swim but never did get wet somehow