Terrarium Fans


This is a design that I've made for one of my clients. It works great in a terrarium or vivarium to keep the air circulating inside, while maintaining the humidity. The air-flow direction is from top to attached surface. The unit can be attached to any smooth surface, and can be cleaned easily. Since this is my own design, please do not try to copy it for commercial purposes.

1 x 80mm Fan
1 x 12vDC Power Supply
4 x Suction Cups
1 x Main Housing (3D printed, Black PLA)
1 x Mesh Lid (3D printed, Black PLA)

3D Model:
View attachment 87

Result (the cable is wrapped around the legs to be more organized for photos):
View attachment 85 View attachment 82 View attachment 83 View attachment 84
The power supply is modified to support up to 4 fan units.
View attachment 86
Pure Genius.


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Say hello to this new build! It is now available for $40 + shipping, including the power supply. :)

Size measurements:
15cm x 11.5cm x 4cm


+ adjustable angle (approx. 180 degrees)
+ can be mounted in any orientation
+ quiet and low vibration
+ easy to mount on smooth and clean surfaces
+ easy to disassemble, the fan can be taken out and replaced easily
+ easy to clean
+ 3D printed with environmental-friendly plastic
+ more color options are available
+ no tools are required for the assembly/ disassembly process


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Another new design of the fans.
  • Powered by USB so it is more convenient, and the lower voltage makes it super safe.
  • A speed controller included for more control!
  • These dual-ball bearing premium fans are very quiet and efficient
  • Color can be customized: basic colors are included (like black, grey, white, red, blue, orange...), rarer colors (like gold, carbon black, marble, etc.) are available at additional cost.
  • High humidity is okay, as long as the fan doesn't get a lot of water spraying on it
  • Can be running 24/7 without problem
  • 360° adjustable angle!
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be mounted with suction cups on smooth surfaces, or zip-ties, or screws
Available for order now:
USB powered dual fans unit $60/set, single fan unit $40/set

Lead time is about 2-8 weeks, depending on how fast the parts arrive.

Photos for reference:
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Can you make one that shoots laser beams at my Sarr destroying squirrels?
That sounds like an advanced robot weapon system to me! Haha
How about a crossbow that shoots nuts? Must be insulting to be hurt by the food you love. It's one of the weird ideas in my head for squirrels because they are chewing away my Sarracenia flowers.
In the saltwater hobby, water flow is critical...should look at some of the wave,Akers they make From wave boxes, gyres, etc. They are really small and all smartphone controlled with different modes like lagoon, crest and some on... One using magnets on the outside glass by eco tech is one of the most popular ones.